3.10 % GUARANTEED 5-Year FIXED Annuity
Looking For A Better Rate For Your Savings?

Re:  Limited-time opportunity to earn 3.10 % interest over 5 years-GUARANTEED!  

I am constantly monitoring the financial and economic landscape. When an opportunity presents itself, that I see as a real benefit for individuals I choose to work with, I make every endeavor to inform you about it.

I am writing today once again to tell you about an exciting opportunity that has presented itself again, for a limited time.  You may not want to pass this one up!


The FG Guarantee- Platinum® fixed deferred annuity from Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company is being offered with an extraordinary average interest rate of 3.10% for a five-year period-guaranteed!  This special rate is offered for a limited period.

Given that the current national average saving rate on five-year CD is at 1.74%,  this five-year Guaranteed rate is an opportunity for additional accumulation without putting more of your hard earned principle at risk.  PLUS!  There is no surrender charge to withdraw the accrued interest each year, AND the interest earned on annuities is tax-deferred until such earnings are withdrawn (verses being annually taxable income) - so it can be a great opportunity to get growth that many of you are looking for without the market risk found in many other financial products.

This specific interest rate is effective immediately and is available for a limited time, so the time to act is now! 

If you have funds sitting in low yield money markets and CD's or know anyone who might, please call Sherri at 302-376-4335 for an appointment for you or someone you know, to discuss this. 

We look forward to helping you enjoy a confident and comfortable retirement.





Guarantees mentioned herein are back by the claims-paying ability and financial strength of issuing insurance company. 

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SAVE MONEY. Avoid Costly Real Estate Mistakes! Rewards and Referrals.
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